Ball Sort

Try to sort the colored balls in the tubes until all colors in the same tube. The number of test tubes and balls increases at every level of the game. Apply your gaming skills to arrange the same colors in one test tube and so on to in the game.

How to play!

• Tap any tube what you want move the color ball lie on top to others.• Arrange the color ball in color matching order in tubes• Drag and drop balls to match them in logic puzzle

• Complete the game when all the same color balls are into a tube.
Futures of Sort the Ball:

– Easy to control game.

– One finger control.

– No time limit.

– Simple and easy UI/UX- Stunning graphic and smooth color ball.- Solve logic puzzle by color matching sills.

– Many levels do you try.

– Increased number of balls and tubes to make continuous levels challenging.

Download and launch Sort the Ball. Let’s take this challenge now!