Chinese Chess

Co Vuong – Co Tuong, Co Up online is for those who love Chinese Chess.

◽ No in-app purchase, totally free download.

◽ Automatically create via Facebook account

◽ The qualified rating system by ELO.

◽ User-friendly interface, great moving effect, perfect music that feels like playing face-to-face.

◽ Chat with your opponent in the live battle. 

◽ Watch whichever chess battle realtime.

◽ Auto update leaderboard.


◽ Elo System

Elo Points are used to classify titles from apprentices to masters with each specific title in Chinese Chess.

◽ Big Bets, Big Wins

For each room, each bet with a limited playing time is a point that stimulates players not only to play but to fight. Bet big, win big, become a master chess.

◽ Ranking Battle

Chose random opponent based on the same Elo points. 

◽ Leaderboard

Chess ranking is updated according to elo points and amount of silver that players own. Top 10 in the ranking of Co Tuong, Co Up are the players with the highest Elo points.

◽ Watch the live-matching

Players can participate in watching any game taking place in Chinese Chess and chatting with players, this is an opportunity to interact and learn from players in arround the world.

Chinese Chess with international names is Chinese Chess, or some names like Xiangqi, Xiàng Qí, 中国象棋, シャンチー, Cờ Tướng, Co Tuong, Cotuong, Asian Chess, Janggi in other languages. Appeared for long time ago in the form of offline – groups of players often gather together with a certain time and space, nowadays players easily play anywhere and anytime with the online version, flexibility time, and connect friends in everywhere.

Mystery Chinese Chess, is a fun game and brain out playing with a normal Chinese chess set. Unlike standard Chinese Chess game, Mystery Chinese chess game combines both “luck and skills”, making the game more unpredictable. Every dark down pieces are different, and you are unlikely to encounter any two games that are alike.

The King is placed in the normal place in the chess board, and all mystery pieces are placed at random on regular locations on the Chinese chess board.

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