Water Connect

Water Connect puzzle – find the water pipeline system, save the trees, and rebuild the vivid garden. 

How to play Water Connect: 

– Tap to rotate the square, begin the water pump spindle. 

– Find the way, which to connect the water supply and tree. 

– Help all trees with the same colored water to grow. 

More Features: 

+ Free Play 

+ Over 100 free puzzles 

+ Simple but an addictive puzzle game 

+ Easy control: One finger to play 

+ Easy to play: puzzle games for kids, puzzle games for everyone… 

+ Friendly interface. 

+ Clean, colorful graphics 

+ Daily puzzly and daily bonus 

+ Use hints to help you solve the problem 

+ Offline puzzle game mode if no internet connection. 

Tip: Connect the same to the color of the trees and the color of the water.

Brainstorm your mind, find the unique way, think to solve the different puzzles, complete level. Creating the water flow from the water pump spindle with water pipelines to the same color trees ones. 

Download it now and enjoy this game!