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Crowd Street 3D

Crowd Street 3D – Controls the characters crossroad go to the finish line. You can control the character’s run along to another side of the road. They are making the player feel like they’re really crossed the road. With a dynamic game with fun and realistic thriller with control characters crossroad. Great graphics and physics simulation character and cars, trains that run on the road.

Controls characters cross the road without a collision with vehicles like cars on the road, train on the rail. If any collision with cars, the game can be over, and start a new game. Control at least one character can cross safely the road go to the finish line.
How to Play:- Tap to run- Release to stop- Avoid crashing into cars, trains, trucks, and obstacles- Cross safely and pass the level.- Collect coins and unlock cool outfits
Features:- Easy to play and controller- Real 3D graphics for cross the road- Beautiful Graphics and UI- Collecting more items to equip your characters- Physics simulation characters and cars that run on the road- Difficulty Level- Full HD graphics with high quality
Available on App Store. Download Crowd Street 3D and play for FREE!